We don’t consider interior minister a trustworthy person- Baloch nationalist

Government of Pakistan chose to withdraw cases against Baloch leaders living in exile, Mr. Malik the interior minister said.

( February 26, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mr. Malik the interior minister yesterday in a news conference said cases against exiled Baloch political leaders will be withdrawn if they come and sit on negotiation table. He meant that cases against Harbyar Marri, Meer Brahamdag khan Bugti, Gazzen Marri and other leaders living abroad would be nullify in line with the government policy of reconciliation, Interior minister told the reporters after holding a meeting on the Aghaz-i-Haqooq-Balochistan package.
Brahamdag Bugti, a grandson of great Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan who was killed by Pakistani military forces during an operation in Kohalo areas of Balochistan, While Hayrbyar and Gazzeen are sons of Nawab khair bakhsh marri socialist Baloch leader. Brahamdag khan is the president of Baloch Republican Party while Hayrbyar marri is accused of operating Balochistan Liberation Army the BLA. Rehman Malik; interior minister called upon the Baloch leaders to return and take part in political activities” saying I’ll receive them in persons.” Mr. Malik claimed he had met exiled Hayrbyar in 2008 in London, on the other hand Baloch patriotic leader Hayrbyar marri while talking to a private Urdu channel said he met with Rehman in 2008 but didn’t discuss Baloch issue to him, Marri further told he doesn’t consider Mr. Malik a trustworthy man. Baloch leaders expressed ignorance on Rehman’s offer. Brahamdag khan while talking to a private channel said” times for negotiation had gone they’ve been making us fool on the name of negotiation for the last 64 years” Mr. Bugti told his grandfather Nawab Akbar khan bugti decided to set on negotiate table In 2005 but the vicious Pakistani Army killed the beloved leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, the man who led the negotiation table. Hayrbyar Marri strongly rejected government offer saying that they in 1960 on the name of Holy Quran brought Baloch rebellions from mountains then sentenced them to death. It should be mentioned here that Brahamdag Bugti faces charges of carrying out attacks on security forces and governmental infrastructures like Sui Gas with the support of Indian government. Both marri brothers are blamed of operating and funding BLA.
Balochistan is one of the poorest regions of the world, struggling under Pakistani oppression and extremely backward in economic, social, health and education indicators. Subsitance has become difficult and the world has forgotten this strategic piece of land with friendly people. Every day, the people wake up to find dead bodies, which have been killed by Pakistani state instruments of terror like the infamous intelligence agency ISI, Pakistani Army, the Frontier Corps etc?
Pakistan once again trying to make the Baloch people irrational on the name of negotiation which she has been making for the last 64 years.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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