What did Prabakaran do in Vanni?

| Translated by L.Annadoure

(January 09, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) I have been debating, with an English speaking Frenchman who is a friend of mine, a couple of months ago, about the good and bad things done by the LTTE. I was not proficient enough in French language then to debate matters relating to politics! My friend posed many questions to me regarding the errors committed by Prabakaran! In the course of our conversation I pointed out to him in the following way. ‘We are ready to forget about Prabakaran and we want to live in Peace and tranquility but your country revives the name of Prabakaran often in our minds. These people are not aliens. They are our brothers! Even if a small dust settles on them we will react and agitate!
When my friend heard me having said so he felt a bit shocked! Do you know Prabakaran had administered a shadow Government? That shadow Government was on par with Governments prevailing in western Countries, for instance a Country like France! This statement of mine evoked in him a surprise and he looked at me in wonder. How and in which way?, he asked me very enthusiastically. I set out what all I have told him!
There used to be published from Vanni
a computer related magazine under the
name of ‘Kuni Nutpham’. Prabakaran’s son
 Charles Anton was its editor ! What was to
say of it ? Truly speaking I had not seen any
 such a magazine published from Colombo!
If one touched the frontispiece of the said
magazine one’s fingers would feel tickled.

I must tell you at the outset that Prabakaran was running a shadow Government in Vanni! There were certain rigorous rules in Governance and polity. Administration of the territory was analogous to Governments being carried on in European countries! There was no place for graft and bribery. No body ever knew what corruption was! There was no disparity between rich and poor! Institutions while offering jobs to candidates did not conduct interview for its sake, as an eye wash, they neither did receive bribes for offering jobs nor did they offer jobs on recommendation. The scourge of corruption or bribery was not in existence there.

There were no comic scenes enacted by political parties! There were no such thing as there being a political party and its party workers, Goondas who indulge in arson and loot, no burning of buses and setting ablaze cars and one beating the other and dying in the end as it happens in Colombo! Everything was so peaceful as peace prevails in Europe! It has become history that we have bent too low but we have straightened ourselves up.
One must necessarily make a mention of the Eelam police. The dark blue Jeans and light blue shirt worn police force reminds me either French police or London police. The smartness and dignified appearance which could be attributed to French and London police could as well be found in LTTE police force. Would you ever give bribes to Eelam police ? There was no question of ever paying any bribe to Eelam police. Say for instance you have committed a crime and as a consequence of which the LTTE police takes up the matter for investigation and it comes to enquire you and at that time you are extending a 50 Rupee note to them in order to avert enquiry and in that eventuality the very act yours would certainly land you in a dark cell where you would be blinking and squint your eyes to see. These days, the affluence on the part of Western Countries is characterized by plenteous commodities, greater national power and riches and income derived from taxation! Systematic Taxation on income was in prevalence in Eelam. No one would ever think of preparing a false account so as to evade payment of tax on the receipt of income, hoarding unaccounted income which was black money was not possible there. Law and order was such!
Here in France people speak in perfect French. They do not commingle English words with French and speak altogether a different language! If you say that the French language exists in all purity in France and the same can be said of Tamil language which flourish and it is in its pristine nature there in Eelam. There people search for and find the exact terms in Tamil language for all sorts of scientific, Engineering gadgets, household gadgets and put them in use and they speak in perfect Tamil! One can identify Vanni people with their dialect of speech as to where they hail from! But there are several instances that their mother tongue being derided and spoken derogatory of whenever they come in contact with Government Agencies!
I will say with much conviction that Arts flourished excellently well there. A dearth of books? So many songs and lyrics. A good number of lyricists and song composers! Music composers! All of them were extolled and revered by people! A Kilinochchi song writer would be composing a song and a musician will set tune to the song! Then Balasubramnian would have sung that song! Karthick would have sung it! It would be an exciting experience to hear the song! To narrate the greatness of all Arts which flourished and which were fostered by Prabakaran would fill six or seven articles like this one!
When a fierce battle that was fought at the fringes of Vanni during 2007 some artisans and construction workers were engaged in laying a Road which was full of profound artistic work. That was the Tamil Eelam modern High ways and on seeing it one would feel spell bound. One would feel in himself as though he had actually seen Louvre Museum in Paris. Such a beautiful and artistically laid Road.
Near to that Road there came to be established a Zoo under the name Moon Park. There was a hanging bridge and several species of birds and animals! Name boards in Tamil and description in Tamil! It was highly captivating to see them all there! Above all, to venture description of developments made in Department of Medicine and remarkable feats which they did there would fill many articles as this one.
There used to be published from Vanni a computer related magazine under the name of ‘Kuni Nutpham’. Prabakaran’s son Charles Anton was its editor ! What was to say of it ? Truly speaking I had not seen any such a magazine published from Colombo! If one touched the frontispiece of the said magazine one’s fingers would feel tickled. The Departments of printing and Photography used state of Art technology and it is hard to find an analogy anywhere!
How could I say of the Banks that were operating in Vanni? Did you want to find a job in a Bank in Vanni? Had you to pay some lump sum as a bribe to get the job! Confound you! if you were efficient and competent then you were appointed! Not a single paise was needed! I was able to appreciate the meticulousness of every aspect of the structure and management of Banks in Vanni and the Banks as such could compete with and be on par with the Banks operating in European countries. What were other infrastructure that were in Vanni I am very hopeful that other friends of mine would come forward to narrate.
Are you aware? ‘In a small strip of Vanni land there were 7 runways for aircrafts taking off and landing’ the Army said so. Were we to get the land all by our self…..it is needless to say that Vanni land would have become little Europe! When I see the French people love their land with devotion and a patriotism, it naturally evokes in me a sense of love for my country, a love for my language but we are land less. What can we do?
I have placed all my love and trust on this French Nation as I would repose love and trust in my Tamil Eelam land. World’s beautiful road is in France! While walking through these beautiful French Roads I feel that I am walking through Kilinochchi A9 road. When I go to Louvre Museum where Mona Lisa painting is there I am again reminded of Kilinochchi Museum. When I stand at the Concord Park Place situate in the center of France, the image of Moon park in Kilinochchi would flock to my mind. The way in which the cemeteries are being managed and taken care reminds me of ‘Thuilum Illangal’ the resting places of my Gods there.
When I watch a French woman reading news in perfect French in TV, I may not see her romantically. There, the image of Isai Priya reading the news in pure Tamil would pop up in the recess of my mind and while seeing her some tears trickle at the corner of my eyes! In whatever way I see, everything here in France from pillar to chafe reminds me of my land. So, that is the psychological reason behind as to why the names of the Tigers, Tamil Eelam and the name of Prabakaran cannot be erased from the minds of Diaspora.
Paris C Fou is a popular program and the presenter is a woman by name Mary born of French- Italian parents. When ever I hear of news read in respect a French soldier having fallen in battle my heart would palpitate! I used to pay tribute to such fallen hero whose antecedents I do not know! On such occasion I used to slowly sing in my heart the song , ‘a language that has evolved which has become our very breath and aspiring for the day when Tamil will be crowned with laurels.’ These things would occur in my heart as in a reverie.
When Hitler’s Armies occupied France, French General Charles de Gaulle had dispersed to London and established a Government in exile there. This is what is being done by Tamilians. Therefore it is very natural on the part of every Tamilian living in Europe to come to love Eelam land!
Even if we wanted to forget, after coming over here, it becomes very difficult to forget Prabakaran and Tamil Eelam! If any one raises a tirade of abuse against Diaspora Tamils alleging they are warring terrorists such accusations do not create pain in us! We tolerate the accusation!
Here the atmosphere is such that we could not bring ourselves to forget! So we are raising our voice! There we could not try to think. They denounce us .What can we do? Can a say word? In the event of any one trying to remove the name of Prabakaran from the minds of the Diaspora he has to remove the name of Europe firstYour browser may not support display of this image.

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