What is our place ?

| by Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

( March 23, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The resolution has been passed. The numbers behind it or the manner it was re-worded to get India’s consent do not matter. It is a charade as far as I am concerned, which would not make any difference to the war-affected people in Sri Lanka. They will fight to survive for a long time to come! The UNHRC resolution should have also recommended the U.S $ four billion aid offered to develop the north and east at the beginning of the last ceasefire agreement, be made available by the US, EU and Japan. This would have made a real difference to the people in the north and east and Sri Lanka. We do not need words, but plenty of bread, bricks, machines and seeds!

How could Sri Lanka have been taken seriously, if its delegation included a man, who had been adversely named in the LLRC report? Such brazen insult to the intelligence of the others-whether it be within or outside Sri Lanka- will always be counter-productive. Further, the acknowledgement by the TNA that the LTTE was equally responsible for the tragedy that unfolded in the Vanni, while welcome and is the truth, was too late in being spelled out. It seems to be an attempt by the TNA to dilute the possible repercussions for supporting the resolution in Geneva! When we act in an unprincipled manner, we have to expect the same from the others.
I append below two verses from the Panchatantra, which should mean something to the Sri Lankan government and peoples:
Panchatantra on the loss of friends:
1. “The fool who does not know
His own resource, his foe,
His duty, time and place,
Who sets a reckless pace,
Will by the wayside fall,
Will reap no fruit at all.”
2. “What is my place? My time? My friends?
Expenditure or dividends?
And what am I? And what my power?
So must one ponder hour by hour.”


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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