What should Anna Hazare do now ?

| by N.S.Venkataraman

(December 29, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) What should Anna Hazare do now ? Certainly, he should not go for another fast . In the case of Anna Hazare’s repeated fast , law of diminishing returns has been proved correct. Further, by overplaying his “fast strategy”, he has unwittingly brought the concept of fasting into ridicule.
He has exposed himself to suspicion even by his well wishers who approve his objective ,that the Gandhian method of satyagraha has not been practiced by him in letter and spirit. Some of his utterances have been very sharp and almost violent which is totally un Gandhian. Some of his chosen lieutenants have almost been using abusing language, which drove several of Anna Hazare’s admirers away from him. This explains as to why the crowd was thin during his fast in Mumbai though the cause Anna Hazare espoused continues to be relevant and important.
One of the important suggestion of Mahatma Gandhi is that a man of truth should be a man of care. Mahatma Gandhi further said that the means should justify ends. In Gandhian philosophy, there is certainly no place for spreading hatred even against the worst enemies . The fact is that there should be no enemy at all for a Gandhian.
Anna Hazare now has added insult to injury by stating that he would campaign against one particular political party during the forthcoming assembly elections. This would only create huge confusion amongst the anti corruption forces , not knowing as to for whom Anna Hazare would want people to vote. Obviously, his strategy should be to ask his anti corruption supporters to contest the elections themselves on the theme of probity and truth and defeat those who are corrupt politicians.
It is sad that the huge support that Anna Hazare was given by the country men who want a corruption free India , could not be utilized by him properly.
What should Anna Hazare do now ?
Anna Hazare should plan to build a political outfit that would contest in the next parliamentary election with the objective of enacting Jan Lokpal Bill and defeat the corrupt forces in the country in a democratic way.
Obviously, he has to choose lieutenants more credible and more matured. In contesting the election, the anti corruption forces need not be concerned about winning or losing . But, still corruption would be brought as the central issue in the forthcoming parliamentary election that would have huge benefits for anti corruption exercise in the country.
I ( N.S.Venkataraman, Trustee Nandini Voice For The Deprived ) contested from South Chennai Parliamentary constituency in the 2009 parliamentary election and lost badly. I put my theme as “Vote for Truth” and pledged myself to Gandhian philosophy before the electorate . I have no regrets that I lost and feel highly satisfied that I did my duty to the country as per the call of my conscience .


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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