Who are the real terrorists

| by Subramaniam Masilamany

(October 17, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) “The difference between Mexico and Sri Lanka are that, in Mexico the government is fighting to eradicate powerful drug cartel, but in Sri Lanka the Drug cartel and the criminals are the government”. That is the difference.
The dilemma is who going to do the job chasing the criminals and who is going to bell the criminals. There is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was everybody’s job. Everybody thought that anybody could do it, but nobody realized that everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done. But when some one tried to do it, every one found faults with that some one.

A man is in his own home, an armed intruder enters, he tries to defend, and the intruder shoots him, rapes his females and walks away with his property and set his home on fire. Now who is the freedom fighter and who is the terrorist. The freedom fighter is the man who owns the home, protect the female and property and fend off the intruder. The terrorist is the man who enters the home, kill the man, rape the females and walk away with the property. So then the Tamils are freedom fighters and Singhalese are terrorists. Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Mr. Barack Obama, Mr. Cameron, Mt. Putin, Mr. Ho Jin Tao and Mr. Man Mohan Singh big leaders of super powers didn’t know the definition and difference between terrorism and freedom that is why they called Tamils terrorist…

And let me ask you, Sri Lankans, Singhalese, the government of Sri Lanka and the Rajapaksas, gentlemen touch your heart, search you conscience and tell me did you or did you not kill any Tamil? If the answer is No and negative, you tell me and I will go before the Tamil people and the world and fight for your exoneration. 40,000 people are dead and 150,000 are missing. It is the responsibility of the government to answer as to what happened.
It is unimaginable and unconceivable how Humans so wise can revert to their animalistic nature. And it is still worst that they can choose a wise leader who can promote hatred and violence. Are we motivated by fear and revenge?
Enough of sick people, sickening people, talking sickening things that have no sense of sensitivity but seemingly have nothing sensible to say which makes the world sick and the stomach turning. It is sick to listen to that Great Lair Perris talking like a man who has not known pedigree father and mother and a child that was conceived in the back alley of the bars and brothels. I hope he has some respect for his alma mater and the education he received.
I read and hear about how Sri Lanka blames what USA did in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia did to Chechnya, China did to North West Xinjiang province, NATO did in Libya and Afghanistan. So then what happened in Sri Lanka is no different, that is what you are trying to say. Isn’t it? Or is it that you want to justify your action because others did the same too. The question is go to your own religion and Lord Buddha who said harming lives is wrong, killing lives is wrong and stealing is wrong, and then ask yourself this question. Did we commit any of these crimes? YES or NO. In the first place if you did not do any wrong why you are trying to defend it and in the second place why are you pointing fingers at others to justify what you did. Are you looking for consensus not what and who is right and wrong. Your LLRC commission is not necessary, UNSG in not necessary for me and billions of others, you know why, we know what is right and wrong. Only animals, some of them, some times do not know what is right and wrong. The circumstantial evidences are so much and overwhelming that you are guilty. It is better to accept responsibility and move on.
Mahinda Rajapaksa is a lawyer, I can excuse Gothabaya Rajapaksa, he missed formal education, so he may be excused, Great Lair Peiris is a Professor, Dayan Jayatilake is a doctorate so is Rajiva Wijesinghe and Palitha Kohana. Right, you all are educated people. The first thing I remember at school was good behaviour, that means be good to people. You gentlemen studied it too.
Let me ask you, touch your heart, search your conscience and tell the world did you or did you not kill any Tamils? If the answer is No and negative, you tell us, we will go before the Tamil people and the world and fight for your exoneration.
Why are you wasting your god given time and life on beating around the bush? Do not give examples, do not say Tamil are terrorists, and do not send powerful teams to justify. You ask the question, are we innocent or not. That is all that matters.
Let me give my side of the propaganda, because when you are treating the world as the court room and talk without interruptions and cross examination I have to do my part to keep the world informed too. I am not going to make the mistake LTTE made, they did not have a proper media organization, and whoever they had were not presentable in world forum.
Education without character, a tradition, legacy, customs, culture and heritage is no guarantee of stewardship, statesmanship and sensible behaviour. We can see it in Rajapaksas, G.L.Peiris, Keheliya Rumbukwella, Rajiva Wijesinsha etc. Mere education is not sufficient, the moral values, moral foundation, moral compass and moral directions are still more important. Criminals are made when mere education is dispensed without moral direction. Science without religion and life without god are mere existence not life. Life is a serene state of hope faith, love, honesty, trust, sincerity, compassion, understanding responsibility etc. There is no thought of harm anywhere, but when you kill 40,000 innocent lives where do you fit in the moral scale of evolution and in the scheme of existence? A man who does not either believe in God or in moral laws is either a criminal or a low life.
For sixty years Tamils in Sri Lanka was subjected to various forms of sufferings. Racism, Fanaticism, Narcissism, state terrorism, intimidation, ridicule, name calling, outcastism, discrimination, sexual abuse, bastardization, gang rapes, torture, misappropriation, plundering etc. The list is endless. It amounts to a Pogrom and Holocaust. Sometimes I wonder if Singhalese are really humans. They look like humans and bring their palms together and say Ayubowan and pray God and then they pick up the knife or gun and kill their brothers and sisters. How and why? I can understand emotional reactions but how can humans plan for years and years without any moral input, conduct a pogrom, holocaust and genocide. How can you kill innocent children and elderly people? It is unconceivable that we have two legged devils on earth. There is no living parallel or example even among the worst of the animals.
How can a state be converted into a narcissistic killing machine? Some one said it was rape, kill, plunder, scorch, then advance, rape, kill, plunder, and scorch and so on. How can humans do that to fellow humans who have not done any harm to any one?
If you, that is Rajapaksa and his gang thinks what happened in May 2009 Genocide was a humanitarian Operation why did you appoint a reconciliation and Justification Commission? As I always said Subconscious mind speaks so loud one cannot hear the conscious mind mumbling. You say no one was killed. Fine then why do go about saying it, you know why, because you have at least that part of your faculty functioning to tell you that the truth will always rise to the top, but slowly. Justice is a careful moderator he will deliberate slowly but surely. Mr.Rajapaksa, no honest man was ever found guilty and no criminal ever escaped justice man made or otherwise. Rest assured. It is war between right and wrong and a war between justice and injustice and a war between good people and the bad people.
What we are telling you is come to a tribunal, where you will have chance to cross examine us and we will have chance to cross examine you and the real, real truth will come out. If you are so sure about your humanitarian operation why not you come and justify your stance. Are you worried there may be miscarriage of justices? It is only a truth finding mission, not fault finding mission. But I will tell you some thing if you don’t do it now and truth is found out, apologies requested and forgiveness given, or your future generation pay for it dearly. Which is better? It will happen. It is not my decree; it is the law of the universe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
When you go out and say USA, UK, NATO did exactly what you did or vice versa, you are basically saying that they are wrong and why they are not being investigated. When you say that you imply that you did exactly what they did and hence if they are guilty you are guilty too. An honest man needs no defense and deliberations. The judge knows who the culprit is but it is the duty of the plaintiff to prove that the defendant did it. Ask yourself the acid question, what we did in Vanni was it right and if it was humanitarian operation you do not have to justify to any one. Your conscience is your own judge.
Let’s go back to 1990; about 20 years ago, your President was to be arrested for alleged involvement in two murders. It is Ranil Wickremsinghe, then Prime minister or President who stopped him being arrested. It was a political move that backfired on Ranil Wickremesinghe and Prabaharan too. Why don’t we open up that investigation to see if he is a man of humanness and conscience? Politics is a dangerous game, if you want to play it, play it to the max without any conscience, consideration or compassion or stay out of it. If you do not have the absolute power over others do not venture into it.
What you must realize is that in 60 years you made a mockery of the nation that was in good shape, why do you want to continue the same policy internationally. What ever damage you have done internally now you are doing it internationally, and the Tamils are surging beyond belief internationally, and what are you going to do. Nothing. In 60 years your free education all it produced was criminals, liar and drug dealers; look to your president, look at Great Liar Peiris and look at Mervyn Silva. So you get your acts together, accept responsibility and mind your self respect, and don’t be ridiculous and are ridiculed. It is too obvious that you have done some thing wrong; in your thinking and acting. It is not good for you, not good for your neighbours. So then education is no sure guarantee of good behaviour, but a good birth and upbringing combined with good education is a must for great citizens. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Mussolini were tyrants not leaders.
When did I firmly come to believed that a genocide happened in May 2009, it was two and a half years later, just a couple of days ago, on October 8th 2011, high level politicians were involved in a shoot out in Sri Lanka, then I knew these guys are capable and must have carried a planned genocide. When supposed to be the law abiding, law makers are involved in gun battle with high powered military grade rifles any crime is possible. The President was involved in it, the defense secretary was involved in it, and the wife of the President was involved in it. It means the government is run by a mafia and drug cartel. It is the law of the jungle and the might is right and issues settled summarily.
The dilemma is who going to do the job chasing the criminals and who is going to bell the criminals. There is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was everybody’s job. Everybody thought that anybody could do it, but nobody realized that everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done. But when some one tried to do it, every one found faults with that some one.
In this Sri Lankan, tragedy, Obama thought Cameron will do it, Cameron thought Harper will do it, Harper thought Ho Jin Tao will do it, Ho Jin Tao thought Man Mohan Singh will do it. But every body thought Ban Ki Moon will do it. No body did it. But it is actually the job of the Tamils to do it, but then among Tamils there are divisions, they blame each other. So went the story. You see folks it is none of any bodies business, it is our business and our business alone. So we Tamils have to do it, and it can be done. But if only some one can unite the community first, so the important task has to wait till the urgent task of uniting is done, then who is going to do it. So goes the responsibility. There is only way to do it all Tamils must first unite.
So I set out to do what ever I can, can I do it alone, may be. Am I scared to do it, not at all, I will stay within my charter of rights and freedom and obey the criminal code. This is not about Tamil issue, it is about democracy under huge threat and some one has put down his feet and put on the gloves and take on the Nazis, otherwise drug dealers and criminals will take over the world. It was Sir Winston Churchill who defeated narcissism, it was Martin Luther king who defeated racial segregation, and it was Nelson Mandela who defeated apartheid. It is we Tamils going to defeat state terrorism in Sri Lanka? It is our duty; it is the duty of every Tamil. Some one has to stand up like Henry Tudor who stood like a steel rod in concrete block; it was Nelson who stood up to napoleon. Some one has to stand up to this Asian tyrant and state terrorist.
Every one knows there is something wrong in Sri Lanka; some one has to stand up and say something is wrong, but every one is worried about political rightness and politeness.
Where are the advocates of right to life and human rights? Where are the rights of the ordinary person here? Revolutions happen not because there is not enough food but when leaders do not stand up for what is right and what is good.
Why was Iraq important? Because of oil and threat to Israel. Why is Libya important? Because there is oil and Ghadafi is a physical threat. Why are Sri Lankan Tamils not important? Because we have no oil, we are a small minority and besides all we have nothing to offer in Bargain. Tamils need a new form of leadership to build that bargaining power. Never go to negotiate if you have either something to offer or some thing to threaten with. That is human nature and human nature does change easily. Tamil do not have leaders, we have infighters and born losers. These guys are ready not to negotiate but to surrender the only thing we are left with, that is our self esteem and our ability to think. They are more worried about going to Sri Lanka for holiday and to ensure they don’t lose their little land. A piece of land over freedom? What were they thinking?
What we Tamils have to do is to build up ourselves to become important political, economic and intellectual players in the world; we must develop that edge over the Singhalese. I am yet to see our leaders coming up with a or any comprehensive plan and projects.
One must realize that without the community there is no identity, there is no strength, there is no potential mass, there is no force and there is no effectiveness and there is no salvation. What do the Tamil leaders do? They want to settle not negotiate, how can you negotiate when you have no bargaining power, so they stoop down and say how low should I go. I can see it in our leaders. If we want freedom for each one us and for the Tamil we have to stand up and fight. Hoping that some one else will do it for us is not going work. Do you think Singhalese and their leadership is going to listen to your pleading and pan handling? NO, they want to you to go. If we want stay we must develop that invincibility. Our freedom cannot be achieved under the present leadership mindset and paradigm; we need a new generation of Tamils who did not know slavery, discrimination and segregation. This holocaust, exodus and the Diaspora signifies a new beginning for the Tamils, a life without secondclassedness. While some people think of the end of Tamil we are working on a new beginning based on freedom, Equality, Fraternity, Respect and Responsibility. You may defeat people but you cannot defeat universal principles and fundamental laws.
We Tamils by now should know that Mahinda Rajaapksa will never listen to pleading and panhandling. There is no plan to accept and accommodate Tamils in Sri Lanka, that is the very purpose of the 60 years long struggle and they won we lost because of our stupidity not because of their strength. What we Tamils must not forget is the Singhalese have determined that the nation of Sri Lanka belongs to the Singhalese. There is no mention of any Tamils. Thank God we have the Diaspora and I hope Diaspora remains Tamils.
A community, a class of people, a culture, a heritage or a nation is not just diurnal symptom it is eternal system, it is forever, it is time less elegance forged in the furnace of nature. It has to be left alone and respected for that is the way it was meant to be. Any one meddles or messes around with it are bound to fail and in the process destroy themselves. As George Santayana said, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
Coming back to the subject of who are the real terrorists in Sri Lanka, They are the misguided children of dysfunctional families, when a culture lacks structure it has nothing to hang on to in hard times. When a child lacks a mother for love and father for ministry an insecure child is born and he grows up into Rajapaksas. The whole nation of Sri Lankan has become dislodged from the teaching of Buddhism and Hinduism. There are no reference materials available so people return to nature and the strong as well as the weak are senseless, the strong kill and the weak dies.
Terrorism is nothing but the break down of the molecular structure of the basic unit of family and society. Life has become unbearable and hence it become suicidal, before it becomes suicidal it become homicidal in it desperate attempt to survive. When large scale homicide happens between two identifiable groups it is called genocide.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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