Who is Mr. Thanuja Geethendra Usliyanage – counselor?

(December 08, Washington DC, Sri Lanka Guardian) Many of our readers have requested us in the USA to publish the details of who is “Usliyanage” and how he was appointed as Minister in the Sri Lanka embassy after being an aimless student for many years in America, and falling foul with the US immigration services, ad ICE threatening to deport him for several violations of the US Law.
Well, the Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya is a “Captain” of not only the Sri Lankan embassy in Washington DC, but an expert on assisting many to violate the US immigration laws. One glaring case in point was the appointment of former UNP who was forced to resign by Ranil, after he colloborated with the RAW and LTTE senior leader and UK felon Karuna. Ali Zahir Seyed Mowlana was appointed as Minister of the embassy, although Ali and his wife Melani Thanuja Paiva (Formerly Mrs David Pluitt of California- Marriage of convenience), who were on a pending political asylum visa application since June 2004. The embassy filed for a diplomatic visa for Ali and his wife, since he was now employed as a Minister in the Sri Lankan embassy, after he crossed over from the UNP. President Rajapakse who new Ali well in the Parliament gave the orders to expedite the claims.
However, The State Dept. ran into some barriers, when the FBI got involved with the Dept. of Justice. In April 2008, Bruce Fein on instructions of his client “Tamils For Justice” filed two complaints with the FBI director Robert Mueller of the immigration fraud perpetrated by Ali Zahir Seyed Mowlana and Melanie Thanu Paiva aka M T P Pruitt, aka Mrs M T Mowlana.
First fraud was committed sometime in 1987, when Melanie was involved in a marriage of convenience “Fraud” with one David Pruitt who was a Gay Man with a Sri Lankan connection. He was involved with a Sinhalese from Kandy as his gay partner ( Gamini “Rajapakse” – Last name with held and fictitious for privacy reasons), apaprently a friend of Jaliya Wickramasuriya the President’s first cousin.
When Gamini threatened to report the fraud to authorities, the couple fled to Colombo, Sri Lanka.
The second fraud was executed when they arrived as tourist with the help of then Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, and UNP’s ambassador Devinda Subasinghe who coordinated and facilitated the whole sordid affair, with the senior State Dept. officials, (One again the 3 names with held out of respect to the Republican appointed State Department officials). There were several cables exchanged between the State Dept. and the US Embassy in Colombo, where Ashley Wills was the Ambassador. Most likely Wikileaks are in possession of some of the cables related to the transaction, according some of our legal eagles was illegal and unethical conduct.
Our investigators will shortly release and publish the Wikileaks cables slowly but surely, via our UK associates.
We would also release letters of the letters to the FBI by our attorney, Bruce Fein in April 2008, as well as to the other authorities such as Department of Home Land security, Department of Justice, and the State Department.
Due to all above the State Department never issued a diplomatic Visa to the Mowlanas and they soon left for Sri Lanka.
Jaliya Wickramasinghe himself is a Canadian citizen and a Green Card Holder, and as soon as he became the Consul General in Los Angeles, he was forced to give up his Green Card, which he did with great reluctance. So did his replacement Jeff Gunawardene, who was unceremonious kicked out due to serious violations of election fraud being involved in raising funds for President Obama.
After losing his Green Card due to a diplomatic position, another immigration fraud has been committed, as the 60 year old businessman and con artist, suddenly married a 23 year old Sri Lankan born (Now US citizen)… She has sponsored him as a US citizen and spouse for US citizenship.
Now returning to our original story, of violations of US immigration laws, deportation, and State Dept. issuing diplomatic status to Thanuja USliyanage. He is none other than President Rajapakse’s secretary Lalith Weeratunge’s eldest son, and he made a special private request to the State Dept. our informed sources in Washington confirmed many months ago. Now divorced from USliyanage’s mother, Lalith Weeratunge married Indrani Sugathadasa who is the head of the SEC -Sri Lanka’s stock exchange, who resigned yesterday due to turmoil in the exchange.
    Courtesy: Tamil News Online


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