Why Khaleda Zia has made this mistake?

 | by Swadesh Roy
 ( December 5, 2012, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Khaleda Zia visited India last month. When she was visiting India, the student organization of Jammat -e- Islam were attacking on the police in Bangladesh. It is to mention that this student organization is recognized as a terrorist organization by the state department of America. When this organization was torching the car and attacking the police in the different place of the country then Khaleda Zia confessed to India that if she comes to power in future her government will not tolerate any type of terrorist in the soil of Bangladesh. Besides that, acting general secretary of her party said, there is no relation of his party with the work of Jammat and its student organization.
The confess of Khaleda Zia in India and the statement of acting general secretary of her party regarding the work of Jammat made a new image for the party of Khaleda Zia. Some of the analyst of international relation and political aspect of South Asia started to think that, Khaleda is going to change her party politics because she has understood the present context of the politics of the democratic world. They are thinking that, Khaleda Zia has understood that, to carry a terrorist image and a strong bondage with the terrorist organization; it is not possible to go to the power and maintain a good relation with the democratic world. It is also reality that, if you run a democratic government you must cut up any type of relation with the terrorist. So, some of the analyst thought that, Khaleda and her sensible associates have understood that but some analyst of Bangladesh and India did not believe it. They expressed their opinion that, it is very tough for Khaleda to come out from this circle where she is staying for a long time. Basically her son is very much associated with terrorist and their illicit works such as arms smuggling and others. 
 But after returning from India, she said that, her visit is very much successful. Even then to see her attitude some of her advisers who have terrorism leaning they resigned from her party. On the other hand the people of her party who are more democratic they were very much happy including her former foreign minister. So it shows a new impact in the politics of Bangladesh. A large number of people started to think that, Bangladesh will come out from the terrorism and the party of Khaleda Zia will be reformed. It would be a conservative party like Britain. The new dimension of the politics of Khaleda Zia made unhappy Jammat because the party of Khaleda is the only shelter of Jammat in Bangladesh now. So they were trying to stop Khaleda Zia from changing the truck of politics. And ultimately they have become successful. Last Tuesday Jammat called a  countrywide shutdown  and they got success to get support from the Bangladesh Nationalist party, the party of Khaleda Zia. 
 Jammat called the shutdown demanding that, government has to dissolve the war crime tribunal and has to release the accused war criminals unconditionally. It is not only unconstitutional but also to help terrorism and the war crime. However when Jammat called the strike then cautious people thought that the party of Khaleda Zia will not support it because she has changed the truck of her politics. But in the midnight her party supports the countrywide shutdown in same demand. It is great victory for Jammat in present context and a great lose for Khaleda. Why she has done it, it is not clear even but it is true that she has missed the train for which train she was waiting in the station. Anyway, it is true that, basically it is so much tough for her to be a passenger of this train. In the same way, it is true she has made a mistake; but why did she do it? 
Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He can be reached at swadeshroy@gmail.com

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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