Why this Urgency to Impeach the CJ

| by Upasiri de Silva.

( December 17, 2012, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The purported inquiry against Chief Justice Hon. (Dr) (Mrs) Shirani Bandaranayake was conducted by a Kangaroo Court using the civilised name Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), to make it legitimate.  This Kangaroo Court consisted of Jokers without any decency or iota of knowledge in natural justice or Rule of law. Four of them happened to be   lawyers (or clowns if any one goes through their past activities) with one Joker who used to staged a death fast opposite the UN building, after giving up his usual profession of Drum Beating at Temples and funeral houses. Other two jokers have no shame and will do anything to keep King Kekille happy. The decision they reached after the Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake and her learned lawyers withdrew from the hearing is questionable and any reasonable lawmaker will never allow anyone to reach such a decision.. The four opposition member MPs resigned from this Kangaroo Court after refusing to be a part of this uncivilised group after witnessing the inhuman way they treated the Chief Justice. These court jesters concluded this inquiry without allowing the Chief Justice’s lawyers to cross-examine the witnesses is a violation of all norms of natural justice and any establish law in Sri Lanka…

The story of King Kekille is in our folk stories for many centuries, as the then rulers wanted  to educate their subjects, that Law and Order and application of Rule of law is an essential factor in governing a country in a democratic environment. This folk story is very much applicable to the present day rulers as modern day King Kekille has lost his way in governing this country.

 Are these  court jesters serving under the present day King Kekille, is trying to impeach the Chief Justice in an unnecessary haste to cover the sins King Kekille committed using his Presidential powers by forcing the Judiciary to imprisoned the former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka on framed-up charges?   

Why are they so eager to impeach the Chief Justice without a proper and legitimate inquiry? Is there any hidden agenda behind this impeachment?  King Kekille wants the Chief justice to resigned or leave her position before a certain date, so he may be able to appoint some one else who can do his biddings. Who is this person waiting to sit on this Chief Justices Chair?
One of the Kangaroo Court or PSC member, MP Nimal Siripala De Silva, a lawyer by profession and famous for sex romps in his office and getting thrashed by his wife, announced in the Parliament that the Chief Justice is guilty of three purported offence 1, 2 and 3 even without a proper and impartial hearing after the opposition members of the PSC withdrew from the hearing.
MP Nimal Siripala De Silva’s announcement is similar to the hilarious judgement of King Kekille after the parapet wall collapsed due to bad construction killing a passerby, and every one responsible for the crime including the Mason passing the blame to a person who had nothing to do with ths collapse of the wall, after the wife of the man who got killed complaint to the King. The PSC findings to prove that the Chief Justice is guilty as charge may be similar to many judgements given by King Kekille.
The original King Kekille was not an educated person, but the modern King Kekille supposed to be a learnered Lawyer. According to someone who was close to the Guru under whom, King Kekille did his internship of six months to learn how to practice and apply the Law, and  the Rule of law to practice law. King Kekille was never interested in learning the basic requirements of the law  other than  preparing tea for the Guru and other Lawyers and cleaning the kitchen after completing his task. This may be a reason why King Kekille is behaving in this manner by throwing the Law and Order and Rule of Law  from the window and apply his own ‘Kekille’s’ rules to punished  innocent people.
The other Lawyers (or liars) working in King Kekille’s courts also behave just like  King Kekille, and try to punish the innocent without any proper inquiry about the charges.
The story of King Kekille is in our folk stories for many centuries, as the then rulers wanted  to educate their subjects, that Law and Order and application of Rule of law is an essential factor in governing a country in a democratic environment. This folk story is very much applicable to the present day rulers as modern day King Kekille has lost his way in governing this country.
In this regard, the shot gun terrorist who turned King Kekille’s Andare, known as ‘Thadi Priyantha aka Chandraprema’ is seeking solace with the American Democratic Senate system to solve the present impasse where King Kekille, who is trying to establish a Dictatorial power with a divided judiciary, as he  has got stuck between a hard rock and the Devil, while charging Americans for every un-democratic action of the King Kekille’s government. He further argues about Hon.(Dr)(Mrs) Shirani Bandaranayake holding the post of Chef Justice when her lawful husband Mr. Suraj Kariyawasam is charge before a magistrate court, (case not yet even heard) arguing that Chief Justice will use her powers to pressure the Magistrate if the Magistrate  take a decision not to the liking of the Chief Justice.
This shot gun terrorist is thinking about King Kekille’s modus operandi in solving problems by shooting the messenger and influencing the Judiciary, Police and the other Defence Forces to achieve what he wanted to achieve. This man who eats the left over’s at the King Kekille’s Palace has no brain to think how democracy works.  
This joker has forgotten how King Kekille’s brother who was elevated by him in the Gota’s war, as the man who did every thing to win the LTTE war, allowed junior Officers to sit in two Court Martials to pass Judgement on their former Commander, when these junior Army Officers were Court Marshalled and reprimanded by the then Army Commander Sarath Fonseka for crimes punishable under the Army Act.. Gota and his brother King Kekille forced them to bring a guilty verdict on him using framed up charges using the Army Act of 1949 which was not in used since 1990,  as the Army Act 1949 was revised in 1990.
Is there any connection between the removal of the Chief Justice from her position and the appeals of Sarath Fonseka the former Army Commander and the re-introduction of the Constituently default DIVINEGUMA BILL and the ‘Z’ score case which helped to undress the two Ministers responsible for that debacle, allowing the poor HSC students to have a fair go?
King Kekille and his band of jokers in the Parliament including his Policeman brother should thank Hon. (Dr) (Mrs) Shirani Bandaranayake, for dismissing the Election petition filed by Sarath Fonseka the 2010 Presidential candidate using his Presidential powers (under duress), when all the dices were cast on favour of Sarath Fonseka, to regain the LOST election and to occupy the position of elected President of Sri Lanka, prudently taken from him by the King Kekille and his brothers and other stooges.
Not only on this case, King Kekille used his Presidential powers to forced the present Chief Justice Hon (Dr) (Mrs) Shirani Bandaranayake and other Judges including the then Chief Justice Asoka de Silva, to declare the ‘Court Martial’ usually headed by Staff Sergeants and other NCOs’ elevating them to the position of Judges without an iota of Legal knowledge,   as a ordinary court to prevent Sarath Fonseka retaining his Parliamentary seat and all lost benefits including his Ranks.
King Kekille must thank Chief Justice Hon.(Dr) (Mrs)( Shirani Bandaranayake for dismissing all the appeals of Sarath Fonseka using undue Presidential powers creating  duress and forcing an impartial judiciary to deviate from the normal judicial process to make Sarath Fonseka a prison under their authority.
If this impeachment goes through every Sri Lankan who is doing ‘sakkili work’ for the King Kekille and his family should realise that they may get the same treatment as the present Chief Justice and the former Army Commander who eliminated the LTTE for them to rob the country at will.
“Labbata thiyapu Atha Pulata nothiyaida” is an appropriate Sinhala saying to describe the present situation.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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