Will Dr.Subramaniya Swamy act quickly and take steps?

| by L.Annadoure

Dr.Subramaniya Swmay must answer the queries
raised by Tiruchi Velusamy before a public forum
and dispel the accusation and exonerate himself
from the accusation.
( February 13, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahindha Rajapaksha who, while attending a birth party hosted by the Minister Anura Priyadharshana on the 18th of January 2012, has laughed heartily by saying that he has deceived the Indian foreign Minister M.S.Krishna on the 17th January 2012 and that he would not provide a 13 plus solution to the Sri Lanka East –North issue and that he has taken India for a ride and that he has continued to state that there is no 13 plus that he knew of and that he has successfully dragged on for two years over the Drausman report by the introduction and institution of LLRC and there is no question of 13 plus (Lanka e news). One may remember him having said in an interview given to Deccan Chronicle that he would not give police and revenue powers because when he happened to visit North and East he would be arrested there as Member of Parliament Mr. Ragul Gandhi was arrested by Mayavathi Government in Utter Pradesh, India and ever and anon he would ask his coterie to raise strong opposition to such move and one Minister has said that an amendment need to be brought about so as to repeal 13th amendment done to the Constitution and under such scenario Dr.Subramaniya Swamy has come over Sri Lanka at the invitation of the President although he may he feign to have come on a private visit. Dr.Subramaniya Swamy seemed to have made DPF Leader Mr.Mano Ganesan to believe that he is an anti-LTTE but he is after a pro-power devolution and political solution in Sri Lanka.
Every body in Tamil Nadu knows pretty well that he was the one who was instrumental in sending Indian peace keeping force to Sri Lanka by wielding influence on his friend Rajiv Gandhi and the book compiled under the name ‘Satanic Force’ has recorded the atrocities, murder, gang rape perpetrated by the Indian peace keeping force against the Tamil women as the Sri Lankan army which was sent for a UN Peace Keeping mission had committed gang rape of women and young girls in Haiti and if he has not perused the aforesaid book yet, then he may verify the veracity or falsity of the allegations of atrocities, murder and rape and also the truth of contents in the book with the Leader Mr.Mano Ganesan.
As regards his anti-LTTE stance, Dr.Subramaniya Swamy would state that he had distanced himself from LTTE after assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and therefore it naturally follows that he had been keeping closer ties with LTTE who have had been espousing cause of the Tamils and D.R. Karthikeyan who was appointed to head a Special Investigation Team to probe the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, earlier had been sent to Sri Lanka to study the prevailing situation and the modalities of withdrawal of the Indian Peace keeping Force from Sri Lankan soil at the instance of Sri Lankan Government, would candidly admit that the case of LTTE was exceptional as they had been fighting for a cause. 
Dr.Subramnianya Swamy was the one who gave news to media incriminating LTTE in the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi at the first instance and alleging further that the LTTE took logistics support from Tamil Nadu and it was also he who spoke so vociferously indicting LTTE in the cabinet meeting convened soon after the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi when in fact the Special Investigation Team in itself had been groping in the dark and struggling hard to make a start with the 10 Photographs which had been handed over by the Hindu News paper office and he was also one who had spread rumors far and wide that it was the LTTE who had assassinated Rajiv Gandhi but the Jain Commission had pointed the needle of suspicion against Dr.Subramnaiya Swamy and also against his tantric friend Chandraswami who was said to be an arms dealer and the Jain Commission had enjoined the Government to probe the matter further on that line.
A staunch Congress worker Mr.Tiruchi Velusamy who used to translate the speech of Dr.Subramniya Swamy when ever such an occasion arose, firmly believed in and then accused Dr.Subramnaiya Swamy for having conspired in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
Dr.Subramniya Swamy had been speaking false by alleging that the political heirs and the inheritors of the property of Rajiv Gandhi had conspired to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi and then he would bring in other political leaders alleging that they had conspired in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and later on he would point at the decision of Court and take refuge in it so to escape from the culpability and having foisted such an unfounded allegation on each and every one he cannot be allowed to go scot free and he should not be allowed to escape from being prosecuted for having leveled such slanderous allegation under appropriate provisions of Indian Penal Code and other penal law.
Dr.Subramaniya Swmay must answer the queries raised by Tiruchi Velusamy before a public forum and dispel the accusation and exonerate himself from the accusation.
It would be a misnomer to call him a political leader, for he has no electoral base and there is no knowing as to how many persons will flock to him. 
His master passion is in vexing his political opponents and indulging in character assassination as he has been doing against Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and he has brought disrepute to her good name by slandering her in his Janata Party official website and he continues to sully her good name in public forum and in fact she has tolerated all and she has forgiven him for his thoughtless acts as she has forgiven the death convicts in the assassination case of her husband the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. What harm has he yet to do to her name! He would level allegations like corruption, receipt of bribe or commissions point blank principally on Congress leader Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, her relatives and other lesser leaders and even if it were to be a purchase of Rafale fighter jets it is corruption that has crept into the deal and Congress President Mrs.Sonia Gandhi has benefited out of the deal and he thinks he is a paragon of all virtues and others are not and without him India will fall down.
Here is a man who would boast himself of having completed school education in a convent and obtained a Ph.D from Harvard University and taught there for 10 long years but he could not speak the language of the masses and he will need a translator and here is a man whose master passion is in airing his superiority and to speak of Hindutuva and sanatana dharma which do not mean anything to a common man. He will kick the ladder with which he has climbed. He would flex his muscle and say in a threatening and authoritarian tone that the Chief Minister Tamil Nadu must stop playing cheap politics in the national interest and that she must act before she could be forced to act as regards the Kudangulam Nuclear Plant. Once again it is LTTE left over which has financed for the opposition of the operability of the Kudangkulan Nuclear plant. Where does he get the authority and the audacity to speak derogatory of each and every one? 
Tamil People pose a question to him as to where he had been to when genocide had been perpetrated against them in Sri Lanka, a calculated decimation of their strength with a ulterior motive, an act of racial cleansing, when complete militarization of the North and East of Sri Lanka has been done and when abductions, murders and rape have been taking place unabated?
Tamil People have come to know of his true colours when he warned, in or about the 3rd week of April 2009, the Tamil Political Leaders that they should not bring in the names of LTTE and Sri Lankan Tamils in their political campaign. 
Here is a political Leader who had striven hard to avenge ‘the betrayal and loss of lives of valiant jawans to keep up the morale of the Indian armed forces’( his words) and to be true to his words, to oblige him and in compliance of his demands The Indian Government had contributed its share in arms and ammunition, military personnel in annihilating the Tamil race from the face of Mullitivu in Sri Lanka because, according to Sri Lankan Government, the entire Tamil people were terrorists. 
Whether Dr.Subramna Swamy is aware of the ground realities, factual aspects that are prevailing in Sri Lanka after math the war that was waged on a ratio of 1:20 plus but it has be said for his knowledge though he might have written a book on Sri Lanka by sitting in his arm chair that the Tamils in North and East of Sri Lanka have been experiencing daily untold sufferings from persecution, oppression and suppression from the clutches of Sri Lankan military as Jews in Germany had suffered in the hands of Hitler regime and that military interferes in every matter civil. 
Whether Dr.Subramaniya Swamy is aware of the fact that the Tamils are deprived of worship of their deities and the temple bells should not toll which when done would be a sacrilege to their God? They have no right to bury their dead even in their traditional burial places; names of the schools must be to the liking of the military and functions in the schools should be done only in their presence; military has dispossessed Tamils of their lands and in turn it has engaged itself in cultivating their land, the Navy has taken away the right on the part of fisher folk from fishing for a living; military and paramilitary abduct men and women, kill them and dispose their bodies as had been done by the army in the earlier years and military men who after applying grease over their persons nocturnally prowl in the houses of Tamils, assault and molest their women.
Dr.Subramaniya Swamy may be pleased to verify if he chose the averments of atrocities which have been and are being perpetrated by the Army, Navy, police and paramilitary force against the Tamils , with the Leader Mr.Mano Ganesan and verify from him whether the Military has ever allowed the Tamils to live in peace after its triumphal march till to this day and this is the atonement which Dr.Subramaniya Swamy has aspired for the Tamils! The Tamils in Sri Lanka will reject him as their counter part in Tamil Nadu have already rejected him in totality. The business of a political leader is not slinging mud on his political rivals and any one may file several law suit and there is nothing to be felt proud of and this is not what others cannot do. Every Tamilian feels proud in being an Indian first and every Tamilian is a patriot and Dr.Subramania Swamy need not cry Tiger always. He has once gloated over his power in having dethroned the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Two summer courses taught by Dr. Subramania Swamy were removed by Harvard University because he had advocated for the destruction of hundreds of Indian mosques and the disenfranchisement of non- Hindus in India.
Dr.Subramniya Swamy must explain with certainty and definiteness to the People of North and East and their leaders inclusive of the Leader Mr.Mano Ganesan as to what he is exactly trying to say and before he could venture to do so he may consult his bosom friend the president Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe and then say what he meant by the political solution to the national question, national unity and the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka or Dr.Subramaniya Swamy means to commend to his friend The President of Sri Lanka to have “ S.C. Chandrahasan, and the breakaway LTTE group that opposed Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination namely the Karuna group to form a non-violent and democratic alternative to work out with the Sinhala majority a federal constitution that would serve the purpose of power sharing.” ( exact words of Dr.Subramaniya swamy). A little while ago he seemed to have put on airs by saying that he alone has the capability to solve the ethnic problem and therefore before he could cause institution and establishment of a non violent democratic alternative he has to use his good offices in asking his friend the President of Sri Lanka to send the military to the barracks and not to destroy the skeletal remains of Tamils who were killed by the Army, the security force in the no fire zone in Mullivaikal because the Vietnamese Military personnel have been brought already for the specific purpose of causing the disappearance of evidence so as to tide over accusations; demand the Sri Lankan Government to exhume the skeletal remains of Tamils and give the remains a decent burial in a place to be allocated separately for this specific purpose because each dead person may require only 6ft of land; ask the Sri Lankan Government to pay compensation to the kith and kin of the dead persons; ask the Sri Lankan Government not to destroy the cemeteries of the Tamils who fought for their cause for over 30 years on end and not to construct any military Quarters over their remains as some military quarters have been already constructed on and over the remains of Tamils and ask the Sri Lankan Government to allow the Tamils to go freely without let or hindrance and settle down in their original place of abode and eke out their livelihood there. These are all things that have to be done forthwith. No one will agree with the proposition propounded by the Defense Secretary Gotabaye Rajapakshe that complete militarization of North and East alone would bring peace to the Tamils. Will Dr.Subramaniya swamy act quickly in this regard?


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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